Supply Chain Management
Sourcing Management
Logistics and Distribution
Product Development and Production Management
Strategic Issues in Supply Chains
Sustainable Supply Chains Sustainability
Engineering Management and Climate Change
Green Product and Process Development
Safety and Health Management
Ecological Modernization
Project Management for Sustainable Solutions
Green Information Technology Globalization and its Implications
Globalization of Research & Development
Outsourcing and Off-Shoring
Role of the Technology Centers in the World
Adapting Business Practices to the New Era
Currency Exchange Issues and Management
Business and Finance in Engineering
Global Technology Risks and Opportunities Entrepreneurship
Opportunity Recognition in a Challenging Environment
Innovative Business Models
International Sources of Capital
Legal Aspects of International Entrepreneurship Management of Innovation New Measures of Innovation
Management of Innovation Processes
R&D during the Economic Downturn
Alternative Energy opportunities and pitfalls
Managing international intellectual property
Open Innovation and Collaboration in Technology Management
Ethics in technology management
Macroeconomic modeling
Financial engineering
University programs in Systems Engineering and Management
Other Topics in Technology Management

Industrial Electronics
Electronics Devices
Signal and Systems
Signal and Video processing
Computer Engineering
Hard Drive Technology
Microprocessor Technology
Mobile Computing
Grid Computing
Cloud Computing
Parallel Computing
Optical / Quantum Computing
Soft Computing
Pattern Recognition
Signal Processing
Coding Techniques
Modeling & Simulation of Communication Systems
Network Architecture & Protocol
Optical Fiber/Microwave Communication
Satellite Communication
Wired & Wireless Communication
Wireless Sensor Networks
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
Speech/Image Processing
Data Mining Algorithms
Distributed Computing
Grid and Cloud Computing
Software Architecture
Evolutionary Algorithms
Software Engineering
Ubiquitous Computing
Semantic Web
Tools & Applications
ASIC Design and Embedded Systems
Automation and Control Systems
Communication Systems & Techniques
Computer Networks
Computer Security
Computer Vision and Graphics
Databases and Business Intelligence
Electromagnetics and Optoelectronics
Evolutionary Computing and Swarm Intelligence
Health informatics and Tele-Medicine
Local Language Computing
Microelectronics and MEMS
Microwave Devices and Circuits
Modeling & Simulation
Power and Renewable Energy Sources
Semantic Web Technologies
Software Engineering and HCI
Speech, Image and Video Processing
Other Topics in Emerging Technologies