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****2016 KEYNOTE****

Official Keynote


Mohamad Isa Razhali
Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Sdn Bhd

Keynote Title:

Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Berhad


Standards have everything to do with change. They hold change in check by fixing certain parts of a technology. They also allow innovative to happen in a controlled way by creating area of certainty around which change can happen. The process of change, however, is itself changing due to the increased rate of technology development, and this is having a profound effect on how we create and manage standards. In developed countries, standards, in all economic sectors particularly on the Information Technology, Communication and Multimedia Standards is regarded as a strategic tool in relation to economic development, new technology development and user protection. In Malaysia, Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Berhad was established to enshrine the national policy and objective of self-regulation with the essence embraced in Communication and Multimedia Act by initiating and facilitating the development of technical documents related to interoperability, safety and operation for Network Facility, Network Service or Network Application Providers.

Mohamad Isa graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2002, completed his degree in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication). Started as Technical Assistant in installing, testing and commissioning base station for local network service provider, he later joined Sirim Berhad in 2004 and its subsidiary Sirim QAS International Sdn Bhd. He involved actively in the development of Malaysian Standards and Technical Codes for wireless communication and multimedia product via Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Berhad and Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission, and later became the Laboratory Head for Radio Frequency testing. Seeking further development in his career, Mohamad Isa joined the telecommunication industry and worked with Maxis and YTL Communication before settling in Astro now as Assistant Vice President for Technical Regulatory. He is also sitting as Alternate Director for Astro in Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Berhad Board of Director.